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picoline campaign weeks

Fully exploit your annual budget for technical equipment now –
with the picoline campaign weeks!

Are you pressed for time in fully exploiting your remaining budget? Is a crucial “product feature” the service performance date in the current calendar year? You can sit back and relax.

The picoline campaign weeks (1st Oct. - 30th Nov. 2018) let you kill two birds with one stone.

Find out more now!

  • Platform upgrade

    Return your old picoline platform and secure yourself a 4,000 € bonus when ordering the latest platform version.

  • Platform accessories

    Order platform accessories and obtain equipment and consumables FREE OF CHARGE as well.

    • When ordering a PMD 65 dosing system, you will also receive a conveyor screw of your choice FREE OF CHARGE
    • When ordering a jet-filter, you will also receive a set of filter inserts FREE OF CHARGE
  • Modules

    Expand the functional range of your picoline platform with further modules and secure yourself two sealing sets FREE OF CHARGE.

    Discover new technologies: wet grinding, dry grinding, micronising, classifying, intensive mixing or mechanofusion. With the matching modules, your picoline is a genuine all-rounder.

  • Module accessories

    Order now and secure yourself a 10% discount on the entire range of module accessories.



  • Service

    Remember to include aftersales service. Take us up on our offer for a complete system-maintenance and receive a module maintenance of your choice FREE OF CHARGE.


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